Sale or return

Kings Road Garage also offers a SOR (Sale or return) Service.

We know there are some circumstances where you are not looking to buy a car straight away and just want to sell your existing vehicle, we can help. If we are not looking to buy your car directly from you due to our stock levels being high, we can always just sell it on your behalf. Having strangers at your door can be a nightmare for vendors, so we will take care of every aspect for you from valeting and advertising through to paperwork, servicing and payment.

We will recommend a sale price to you but you make the decision on the figure you are trying to achieve. You will be returned the final sale price, less our fee and we will transfer the funds, or send you a cheque on completion.

Please note; any necessary repairs; mechanical or cosmetic can be carried out prior to us advertising the vehicle, or can be done by us at cost to the vendor.